Joyfriend is Just a MP3 Player, Unfortunately

Get where you're going while listening to your favorite music. Obviously, that's what the Joyfriend MP3 player with integrated GPS was made for. Real small, real red and with a 128MB built-in memory, it's being sold for $1 a MB. Don't have much more info than this, but really, what more do you need to know? » 11/16/05 10:25am 11/16/05 10:25am

Sunball Solar Appliance

While Sunball sounds like something you get after spending too much time in a Speedo, this is actually some sort of solar generator that pounds out lots of electricity for just about $1,600. It uses a high-efficiency solar cell, the kind used on the Mars rovers, and a Fresnel lens which concentrates the light onto a… » 10/31/05 10:40am 10/31/05 10:40am

Laptop Screen Protector Picks Odd Name

ShaggyMac. That's the name for a new Laptop Screen Protector that seems to have caught the imagination of laptop schleppers around the world. It's not such a strange concept, just a very, very soft microblanket that protects the screen when your notebook is closed. But if you've been obsessing about your keyboard… » 10/25/05 2:39pm 10/25/05 2:39pm

QDA Oh! Lands on Feet!

Another first to be announced, literally with an exclamation point, is Singapore-based Qool Labs new GDA Oh!, being touted as the first "Palm-Powered Smartphone powered by the Garnet 5.4 OS with 1.3MP!" That's a mouthful! Anyhow, it runs on Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition OS and Freescale iMX@1 266MHz processor! Also… » 10/24/05 11:30am 10/24/05 11:30am

USB Good Luck Mamory Drive...What?

The folks at SolidAlliance, who can't speak a word of English apparently, announced their "Yuuesubi Mamory" with a special good luck charm. The charm apparently brings good luck to those who haven't got a clue how to spell "USB Memory Stick". Luck comes at quite the price though. Expect to shell out $150 for the 512MB… » 10/20/05 11:09am 10/20/05 11:09am

Sony Launches Bravia Line - Don't Ask What It Stands For

Sony was hanging out with Mike and they were talking about what it would be like to make up a new brand for Sony's HDTV line. Mike called Larry and Paul and they came over with some weed and while they were smoking up when suddenly everybody was like "Where's Sony?" And it turns out that Sony got up on the roof… » 8/22/05 4:36pm 8/22/05 4:36pm

Poop Carrier for Dogs

The Poopsadaisy— Let your dog carry the load. —is a strap on sack so Fido can carry his own leavings on those long walks in the back country where there are no trash cans for miles. While I can't really imagine the niche of dog-owner that might enjoy this—perhaps the sort that doesn't want to share ANYTHING with… » 8/12/05 6:47pm 8/12/05 6:47pm

Lost in Translation

We don't usually post these "I saw this sign when I was on leave from the drying-out facility in Minnesota" tips, but this one was just too good. Reader Jefferson took this snap in his hometown of Teresa's Mexican Restaurant. First off, you've got the fact that this is a Mexican restaurant. Fair enough. Then, once… » 8/11/05 11:38am 8/11/05 11:38am

Liquid Ass: It's Not Perfume

Buy a bottle of this and your whole house can smell like my chair on these hot August days! Liquid Ass has genuine Butt Crack Flava and is apparently sure to clear out a girl's locker room (??). Not sure the preoccupation with clearing young ladies out of enclosed spaces, but both StrangeNewProducts and the… » 8/10/05 4:42pm 8/10/05 4:42pm

iOps JOCK Mini-PMP

The iOps JOCK is awfully small and plays WMV files as well as MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, MPEG4, WMV and DivX. It can even play back video on its tiny color 96 x 64 pixel LCD screen, but think about it: 96 x 64 is really small. At that resolution, someone's head will look like an accident. Ultimately, however, this really… » 7/25/05 3:10pm 7/25/05 3:10pm