Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle to Make Clowns, Attention-Seekers Even Less Impressive

The Electric Self-Balancing Unicycle, or SBU, uses gyroscopes, accelerometers, and good clean electric power to make everyone's favorite one-wheeled method of transport accessible to those who don't want to bother with all that messy balancing and pedaling. Sure, unicycle purists will scoff, but now you can finally… »10/18/08 11:30am10/18/08 11:30am

Little Seiko Unicycling Robot Caught On Video, Unicycling Straight Into Your Heart

Here's video of Murata's Little Seiko »9/29/08 6:28am9/29/08 6:28am balancing robot up to its tricks on a unicycle. It's a smart little thing: as well as balancing on that single wheel with nifty gyro and counterbalance robotic action, it can do collision avoidance. And boy, if it isn't the cutest little robot you ever did see. []

Unicycle Transport Vehicle: Like a Segway, Only Lamer and Sweatier

This unicycle transport vehicle by designer Regimantas Vegele is tailor made for an unique breed of individual-the kind of person that cares about looking good, but does not care about looking foolish. Essentially, the device would take the concept of an elliptical trainer and turn it into an actual moving vehicle. So… »6/18/08 6:30pm6/18/08 6:30pm