The Plaid Shirt: Rebellion, Grunge and a Touch Flamboyance

Plaid shirts will always represent for me Kurt Cobain, riot grrrls and grunge music. That's because I'm self-centered and lived my twenties in the '90s. But today when I see my husband putting on a plaid shirt, it inspires entirely different connotations. He couldn't be less grunge, but he is a certified geek. And it… »3/02/12 4:20pm3/02/12 4:20pm

Future Military Uniform to Have HUD, Mini-Missile System

US sodiers are not the only ones getting advanced uniforms »11/18/08 3:26pm11/18/08 3:26pm. In fact, Koreans may be taking the lead with a new stormtrooper suit that-if it goes beyond the vaporware stage-will include every sci-fi technology you can imagine. From a heads-up-display helmet to personal cooling and heating syss to a matching weapon that…

UK School-Kids Get iPod-Controlling Uniforms: Teachers Despair

Ipod-controlling clothes aren't new »8/14/08 6:15am8/14/08 6:15am, sure, but UK retailer Marks and Spencer is taking a teeny risk with its new line of smart clothing. It's aimed at school kids, with controls and pockets integrated into standard school uniform blazers and coats. A five function keypad from Fibertronic is inside the lapels, and…