Predictably, the US Refused to Sign That UN Internet Treaty

Over the past fortnight, the internet has been awash with debate over the future of the internet: the UN, so the stories went, was planning to change the governance of the internet for good. Predictably, the US has point-blank refused to play ball—along with Canada and the UK—and that stops proceeding dead. »12/14/12 3:45am12/14/12 3:45am


Limited Edition Zunes Coming To Fancy West Coast Clothing Stores

Pictures of special, limited edition Microsoft Zunes have surfaced and the good news is that if you like overpriced West Coast fashion, you're in for a treat. Apparently, Microsoft struck a deal with West Coast-based boutique clothing stores Union, UNDFTD and Stüssy that provides them with tricked out Zunes that'll be… »10/31/06 7:51am10/31/06 7:51am