Uniqlo Human Vending Machine Previews Our Future in the Robot Apocalypse

If you couldn't make it to Times Square this morning, the clip above shows what happens when humans become vending machines. Yes, it was a stunt put on by Uniqlo, and no, it didn't ruin shopping forever »11/18/08 7:00pm11/18/08 7:00pm. It's actually pretty great; first you get your body scanned to reveal your hottest and coldest parts, then no…

Uniqlo to Set Up Human Vending Machines, Ruin Shopping Forever

Are you looking to buy clothes in the most awkward way possible? Well, Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo is bringing that opportunity to holiday shoppers in New York's Times Square by setting up human vending machines. Yes, they're vending machines with mimes inside, with human assistants in metallic bodysuits there… »10/27/08 11:30am10/27/08 11:30am

Uniqlo Wakamaru Robot Shopping Guide Is Afraid of Americans

We took a trip down to Uniqlo to see how the American invasion of their Wakamaru shopping robot »9/08/08 7:20pm9/08/08 7:20pm was faring. Not so well. Bewildered by the bustling crowd scurrying around against booming techno music, it had to be led around by hand and had trouble understanding our bizarre alien language. When our intern asked,…

T-Shirt Vending Machine Store Eliminates Annoying Salesmen

From the department of awesome overseas ideas is this store, which isn't so much a store but a massive vending machine. This is the UNIQLO store in Tokyo and the products for sale are just T-shirts crammed into tubes. Look at the pictures, insert the money and choose your shirt—easy peasy. Stateside, I think we need… »5/04/07 2:20pm5/04/07 2:20pm