The World's Tallest Building, the Burj Khalifa, Is Now Available In…

You could say the Burj Khalifa was already built from Lego last month in Brazil, but there's no way all 31.19m could fit in my house. Lego's Architecture series could, as long as Tom Cruise promised not to climb it. » 5/25/11 11:20am 5/25/11 11:20am

The World's First Carbon Neutral City Opens For Business

Masdar City, the world's first carbon neutral city that's banned cars and skyscrapers from its streets, gives us a glimpse of what other parts of the world might look like in the future. Located in Abu Dhabi and financed by the city's ruler Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (who has pumped between $15bn and $30bn into … » 5/03/11 5:20am 5/03/11 5:20am

Lebanon Assessing National BlackBerry Policy

Following the lead of neighbors Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon's government is reconsidering its own stance on BlackBerry devices amid regional privacy concerns. The Lebanese Telecoms Regulatory Authority is planning talks with RIM regarding its worries. » 8/05/10 11:14am 8/05/10 11:14am

Saudi Arabia to Ban BlackBerry Services This Friday

Bad luck to those in Saudi Arabia who were planning on getting full use from the new BlackBerry Torch—they've hop-skipped-and-jumped their way to the front of the BlackBerry data services ban, ruining BBMers' lives from this Friday. » 8/04/10 3:08am 8/04/10 3:08am

BlackBerry Seen as Major Security Threat In United Arab Emirates

Following Bahrain and India's threats of legal action against RIM earlier this year, the United Arab Emirates is claiming BlackBerry phones are a threat to national security due to the fact that all of the data is stored overseas, thus making it more difficult for the UAE to spy on its citizens' communication—or… » 7/27/10 6:15am 7/27/10 6:15am

Acer Shows Off an Android Tablet (Which Looks Like an Ereader)

Regular readers will know that Acer's been planning ereaders and tablets for some time, but the Dubai-based Shufflegazine saw Acer's CEO fondling what looks like an ereader (check out the QWERTY keypad)—despite him calling it an Android-powered tablet. » 5/27/10 4:17am 5/27/10 4:17am