The World's First Carbon Neutral City Opens For Business

Masdar City, the world's first carbon neutral city that's banned cars and skyscrapers from its streets, gives us a glimpse of what other parts of the world might look like in the future. Located in Abu Dhabi and financed by the city's ruler Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (who has pumped between $15bn and $30bn… »5/03/11 5:20am5/03/11 5:20am

BlackBerry Seen as Major Security Threat In United Arab Emirates

Following Bahrain and India's threats of legal action against RIM earlier this year, the United Arab Emirates is claiming BlackBerry phones are a threat to national security due to the fact that all of the data is stored overseas, thus making it more difficult for the UAE to spy on its citizens' communication—or… »7/27/10 6:15am7/27/10 6:15am