Archaeologists Found a Viking Parliament Buried Under a Parking Lot

There's some big excitement in the sleepy town of Dingwall, Scotland, where the remnants of Viking parliamentary gathering spot was just discovered under a parking lot. This is where Norse nobleman would get together and settle their differences before swords started swinging. Now it's a Camry hangout. »10/25/13 10:20am10/25/13 10:20am

London's Rooftop Missile Sites Could Have Been Designed by Tony Stark

Those surface-to-air missile batteries that are being installed around Olympic Stadium must have been invented by Stark Industries. Each high-speed missile houses a trio of smaller projectiles—like a troika doll of fiery, explosive death. »5/08/12 12:40pm5/08/12 12:40pm

The Lightweight Multiroll Launcher The Shoulder-Mounted Launcher …

Apple UK Event: O2 Official iPhone Carrier, Arrives Nov. 9

Looks like we were pretty much on the money except for the date—O2 will be carrying the iPhone in the UK, which will arrive Nov. 9 for £269 (8GB model only). Sadly, but not unexpectedly, 3G's still not on board. To mitigate the EDGE factor, O2's hooking up with The Cloud to put out over 7500 free Wi-Fi hotspots for… »9/18/07 5:35am9/18/07 5:35am