Naolab ChargerFrame Turns Your Charging Gizmos into Work of Art

Shanghai-based designers Naolab have turned their creative talents towards the universal gadget charging station, and come up with ChargerFrame. It's designed to put your charging gadgets on display... in a chaotic, randomly wiry, Pollock-meets-cats-cradle kind of way. It has sockets built all around the frame, a… »7/29/08 10:00am7/29/08 10:00am


Dealzmodo: Callpod Chargepod Universal Charger Down to $39.95

One of our favorite multi-tipped chargers, the Chargepod, has just gotten a $10 discount down to $39.95 for the base. We're not going to be d-bags and say that our recommendation in the review last year for them to drop the price down to $39 had anything to do with it, because our egos aren't that gigantic. Their… »5/31/08 3:00pm5/31/08 3:00pm

Bluelounge Sanctuary Charging Station Has All The Wires You Need

We've seen neat and tidy ways to stick all your charging gadgets in one place before, but the new Sanctuary charger takes the biscuit by having all the wires and plugs you may need already built in. Ok, so it's actually got a power source with 11 different types of plug plus a USB socket under its lid, but that means… »4/02/08 5:06am4/02/08 5:06am

Lightning Round: Anyfix Universal Mobile Charger Powers Most Dumb Phones

The Gadget: The Anyfix, the universal mobile phone charger that's designed by famed industrial designer Luigi Colani, charges many non-smartphones on the market today from Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola and Nokia. There are a handful of different included tips, which you cycle through by pressing the button on the… »11/13/07 3:00pm11/13/07 3:00pm