Sony Patents a Touchscreen Gamepad for All Consoles

Sony. Working on a PlayStation controller that can also be used with Xbox 360s. And Nintendo consoles. Has hell iced over? Did the last 30 years never happen? Has Linus Torvalds replaced Kazuo Hirai at SCEI? » 2/19/10 6:44am 2/19/10 6:44am

Universal Remote Control Gamer For Xbox 360, PS3 PS2 and Other…

How many remote controls do you have laying (lying? who cares?) on your coffee table? One? Two? 10? A company by the name of Universal Remote Control showed me several different remotes that aim to be The One Remote to Rule Them All in your living room here at CES. The one that most easily caught my eye was the… » 1/11/07 6:35pm 1/11/07 6:35pm