MegaUpload Goes Through with Record Label Lawsuit Over Mega Song

Remember that support video for MegaUpload with all the A-List stars? It's been yanked from the Internet because according to Universal's DMCA request, New Zealand artist Meg Gin Wigmore didn't consent to involvement in the project. There were also rumors that Will.i.am issued his own DMCA for the video. Turns out… » 12/15/11 2:20am 12/15/11 2:20am

Comic Mocking Universal Music CEO Sadly Not Far From Reality

This webcomic's almost more like a webtragedy. Why? Its depiction of Wired's conversation with the confused CEO of the world's largest record label, Universal, isn't all that exaggerated. I mean, sometimes it seems like they're still searching for this whole "internet" thing. [Hijinks Ensue via Boing Boing] » 11/29/07 8:00pm 11/29/07 8:00pm

Universal Music CEO is Like Your Cranky, Out-of-Touch Grandpa Who…

If you picture music industry CEOs as cranky old white men who are completely out of touch with technology and mad at the world for changing around them, you're pretty damn spot-on. Wired has an upcoming profile on Universal Music CEO Doug Morris, and the guy seems as fit to run a newly tech-based company as a dog is… » 11/27/07 9:55am 11/27/07 9:55am