Griffin Beacon Universal Remote: Hey This iPhone Universal Remote…

Remotes are stupid. Stupid stupid and/or stupid expensive. So why bother dealing with stupidity when you already have the perfect device to control your system: an iPhone. See, smartphones are not stupid. With the Griffin Beacon, you can control everything with your phone. » 7/29/11 2:00pm 7/29/11 2:00pm

Will Griffin's Beacon iPhone Universal Remote Be the First to Not Suck?

Griffin, maker of a ton of Apple accessories, just released a universal remote system for iOS devices. It's not the first iOS remote around, but we're hoping it can be the first to not suck. » 6/15/11 7:12pm 6/15/11 7:12pm

Why An Android-Powered Universal Remote? Games, Of Course!

Could anything be better than lazing around on your couch with your universal remote? How about playing Fruit Ninja on it during commercials? Conspin's Andi-One is the first universal remote to run Android 2.1—and any of its 100,000 apps—right on your controller. » 4/12/11 10:00pm 4/12/11 10:00pm

Peel + iPhone = The Universal Remote For Regular People

The Peel remote adapter is supposed to be the normal human's version of Logitech's Harmony universal remotes. Harmony remotes, although incredibly competent in controlling everything in your AV system, practically begs for a community college class teaching people how to use it. » 4/07/11 5:00pm 4/07/11 5:00pm

The Universal Pillow Remote Of My Lazy Dreams

After waiting years for it to become reality, there is now an honest to god universal pillow remote. Screw a Harmony, I'll take the most comfortable and most impossible to lose remote there is. It's only 30 bucks at Brookstone too. » 11/13/10 2:00pm 11/13/10 2:00pm

Believe It or Not, This Is an iPhone Universal Remote

What to do when Apple's abandoned its remote app and you don't want to gum up your dock connector with an adapter? Well, UnityRemote's a great start: an infrared hub that turns iPhones and iPads into a 360-degree universal remote. » 7/30/10 2:20pm 7/30/10 2:20pm

The Starship Enterprise's Universal Remote

The Cyclops universal remote would fit in so well in someone's Star Fleet quarters, I'm surprised it doesn't have a replicator button on it. Fortunately, you won't have to wait for the far-flung future to own one. » 6/15/10 8:00pm 6/15/10 8:00pm

RedEye Mini IR Transmitter Transforms iPhones Into Universal Remote…

ThinkFlood has just killed the first RedEye product which went on sale in December for $188, with the massively-superseding RedEye Mini. It costs only $49 and plugs into the iPhone's 3.5mm jack instead of via a clunky plastic dock. » 3/02/10 12:07pm 3/02/10 12:07pm

Fastmac iV Plus Is an iPhone Battery Case That's Also a Universal Remote

Fastmac, who know how to make iPhone backup chargers, just made a more form-fitting version that also has an IR port. That means your iPhone is now a universal remote. » 2/11/10 6:31pm 2/11/10 6:31pm

Change the Channel WIth Your iPhone and the L5 Remote IR Adapter

For every million or so pointless, sacrificial iPhone accessories, we get one good one. And the L5 Remote infrared adapter may just be that one accessory. » 1/04/10 11:27am 1/04/10 11:27am

Rēmote Turns Your iPhone Into a Universal RF Remote

New Kinetic has an RF attachment accessory for the iPhone that gives it all the power of a universal remote, except way, way better. This is the universal remote we want. » 12/18/09 8:40pm 12/18/09 8:40pm

Silver PAC Evolution 5500 Remote Would Have Been Great 3 Years Ago

Remember SideShow? That technology designed for Vista that allows you to display gadgets on an external device? Silver PAC is digging it up for their Evolution 550 universal remote set for release this February. » 12/14/09 5:30pm 12/14/09 5:30pm

RedEye Makes Your iPhone a Universal Remote Control

After months of private beta testing, ThinkFlood's RedEye goes on sale today. You control the dock using an iPhone app via Wi-Fi, and it sends out infrared signals to control your AV gear. At $188, it's not crazy expensive, either. » 12/02/09 8:22am 12/02/09 8:22am

X10 iconRemote RF Universal Remote Review

X10, whose website is the only place where animated gifs still remain king, just released a universal remote that can handle both X10's home appliance controls as well as all your A/V gear in your home theater. » 10/01/09 4:00pm 10/01/09 4:00pm

Logitech Harmony 700 Universal Remote Gives You More Physical Buttons

The $150 Logitech Harmony 700 is much like their other non-touchscreen universal remotes in that you have a load of physical buttons to push. However, the 700 is difference since it gives you four physically labeled activity keys. » 9/03/09 4:00am 9/03/09 4:00am

Blu-Link Universal Remote Handles PS3 With Other Home Entertainment…

SMK-Link claims that their new Bluetooth/infrared Blu-Link universal remote is the first to allow users control over their Playstation 3 and their other home entertainment devices from a single unit. » 9/01/09 5:20pm 9/01/09 5:20pm

CRISTAL: Control Your Living Room By Dragging, Dropping, Swiping a…

CRISTAL is a research project that moves the universal remote to a Microsoft Surface-type table with incredibly intuitive gestures. Want to watch a movie? Drag the cover to your TV. It even lets you trace a path for your Roomba. » 8/15/09 4:15pm 8/15/09 4:15pm

Logitech Harmony 900 Universal Remote Review

The Logitech Harmony 900 is the updated Logitech Harmony One, which marries a traditional button remote with a capacitive touchscreen for expanded functionality. What makes this better are the charging dock and the RF to IR control adapters. » 8/11/09 1:00pm 8/11/09 1:00pm

Logitech's Harmony 900 Universal Remote Has Touchscreen

Only a certain type of person is willing to drop $400 on a remote control, but those people are going to be excited about the new Logitech Harmony 900. » 8/11/09 4:00am 8/11/09 4:00am

Touchpad Smart Remote Seamlessly Morphs Into Other Remotes

Back at CES, Panasonic was demoing a brilliant touchpad remote control—but I didn't spot it until my way out. Luckily, Elan has designed something very similar and posted this clip. » 3/20/09 11:20am 3/20/09 11:20am