Logitech Harmony One IR Remote Is Easy-Grip Capacitive-Touch Couch Buddy

Logitech's first new universal remote in a year, the $250 Harmony One, marries the sleek handheld grippiness of its skinnier Harmony models with the power of its $500 bad-ass, the Harmony 1000.

The Goods: The capacitive-touch 2.2" color screen is designed to respond quickly and accurately to your taps, while the… » 1/05/08 4:00pm 1/05/08 4:00pm

Universal Remote Control's MX-980 Has Custom Graphics, 320x240 Screen,…

The latest in Universal Remote Control's line of (you guessed it) remote controls is the MX-980. It's got a 320x240 LCD that supports custom images (BMP/JPG/PNG/GIF/Animated GIF) to represent devices, as well as RF, an on-board speaker, MSC-400 Master System Controller integration, RS232 and relay controls, a… » 8/06/07 5:42pm 8/06/07 5:42pm

Star Trek Phaser Remote Looks Stunning, Set to Kill

Now you can annoy everyone around you with your Trekkie tendencies, aiming this near-exact replica of the Star Trek original series phaser at your TV set. It's a remote control that not only looks just like the original prop, but Paramount Pictures also licensed all the original sound effects that you can activate by… » 3/01/07 2:15pm 3/01/07 2:15pm