Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U: Summer Semester 2015

Your education doesn’t have to stop once you leave school. We’ve put together a curriculum of some of the best free online classes available on the web this summer for the latest term of Lifehacker U, our regularly-updating guide to improving your life with free, online college-level classes. Let’s get started. » 5/13/15 1:12pm 5/13/15 1:12pm

All 5 Best Album Grammy Nominees Were Engineered By Graduates of a…

Every album that's been nominated for a Best Album Grammy this year was engineered by an FSU alum. Not Florida State; Full Sail University. The Winter Park, Florida college has cranked out a full 74 graduates who've worked on Grammy-nominated albums this year. So now you know who to blame for pretty much everything on… » 2/11/11 6:20pm 2/11/11 6:20pm

House Bill Mandates Colleges Make Plans for Network Filtering

I bet you were feeling pretty happy with Congress a little bit ago. Get ready to go back to normal! The College Opportunity and Affordability passed the House today (sounds good so far, right?), but it carries a provision that forces schools to make plans for network filtering mojo and a legal alternative to P2P… » 2/08/08 7:30pm 2/08/08 7:30pm

"Toolkit" MPAA Offers Schools to Monitor File-Sharing Traffic More Like…

The MPAA is such a kind and giving organization. After compiling a list of the top 25 schools for piracy, it sent them a letter last month offering the free, super-helpful University Toolkit to track naughty file-sharing on their networks. It "can produce a report that is strictly internal and therefore confidential… » 11/26/07 7:15pm 11/26/07 7:15pm