The 10 Best American Cities for Riding Transit To Work

We've seen plenty of stories that measure how big, fast, and effective our transit systems are in the U.S. But for many people, none of that matters unless transit can do one thing: Get them to work. That's why this study by the University of Minnesota is so valuable—it shows which transit systems provide the best… »10/13/14 8:25pm10/13/14 8:25pm


Multicellular Evolution Apparently Isn't That Tough To Do and Only Takes 60 Days

Wait, I thought evolution was an interminably slow process requiring millions of years to make any noticeable difference? Apparently not if you're yeast. A research team has just announce that it's figured out how to evolve a single-celled organism into a multicellular animal just like a freakin' Pokemon. »1/17/12 11:20pm1/17/12 11:20pm