Explore the World From Your Couch With This Movement-Matching Robot

Games and interactive movies are fun, but modern virtual reality systems like the Oculus Rift also have the ability to let people travel and experience the world without ever leaving their couch. And the DORA telepresence robot, which can perfectly match the movements of someone wearing a headset, will help make that… »4/29/15 9:10am4/29/15 9:10am


Shape-Shifting Robot Re-Assembles Itself, Will Chase Snotty Teens on Motorbikes One Day

University of Pennsylvania roboticists—who talk like robot versions of Alan Alda—have developed modular artificial creatures capable of recomposing themselves in case they are destroyed—effectively taking the first step toward global annihilation, thank you very much. Happily for Humanity, they are far from T1000,… »4/29/08 12:50pm4/29/08 12:50pm