ROCR Bot Swings Up Walls Like a Monkey

The list of places we will be safe from robot attack continues to shrink, as the ROCR robot, courtesy of the University of Utah, can now efficiently scale walls. The diminutive bot can climb over six inches per second. » 8/05/10 6:00pm 8/05/10 6:00pm

Conficker Worm Claims High Profile Victim: University of Utah

More than 700 med school computers at the University of Utah have fallen victim to the infamous Conficker worm. Gizmodo, we swear, had absolutely nothing to do with it. [AP via CNET] » 4/12/09 11:01am 4/12/09 11:01am

Medical Card-Reading Tester Can Produce Almost Instant Diagnosis

Hypochondriacs should be comforted to hear that scientists have developed a card-reading device that can test blood, urine and saliva for diseases and illnesses instantly. This medical card-reader uses the giant magnetoresistance principle, which means it can diagnose diseases from bodily samples just as a computer… » 11/04/08 10:40pm 11/04/08 10:40pm