Software Could Automatically Put Your Vacation Photos in Perfect Order 

If you rely on just a single camera while traveling, it’s easy to organize your photos by time and date when you get home. But most of us use multiple cameras, and smartphones, and action cams, to document our travels. So researchers at Disney and the University of Washington are working on software that can… »4/17/15 9:45am4/17/15 9:45am

This Revolutionary DNA Extractor Cracks Your Genetics in Minutes

Pulling DNA from the cell that surrounds it may be a vital process to modern genomics, but it's also a cumbersome and time-consuming pain in the ass, "like collecting human hairs using a construction crane,” as Jae-Hyun Chung, UW associate professor of mechanical engineering, puts it. Not anymore, though. His… »5/13/13 11:25am5/13/13 11:25am

Webcam Timelapses Used To Automatically Model Cities in 3D

The ability to see maps in buildings and landscapes in 3D makes following along considerably easier than with just 2D. So researchers at the University of Washington have made generating 3D models of a given location dead simple using custom software and nothing more than a webcam timelapse video of the spot captured… »10/18/12 5:40pm10/18/12 5:40pm

Gamers Redesign a Protein That Stumped Scientists for Years

Folding: it's detestable and boring, as any Gap employee can tell you. But it's also a totally fun thing you can do in a video game! And today it's particularly exciting because players of the online game Foldit have redesigned a protein, and their work is published in the science journal Nature Biotechnology. »1/23/12 4:00pm1/23/12 4:00pm

Photo Tourism 3D-Photo Browser Knocks Spots Off Plain-Old Slideshows

This video, shown at SIGGRAPH »8/14/08 7:47am8/14/08 7:47am, demos a re-invention of how to navigate collections of photos. It's the work of a team from the University of Washington and Microsoft Research, using advanced processing to magically create 3D-like environments to explore photos of places and things. The amazing results will,…

Autonomously Schooling Robofish Will Become Cylons of the Sea

One day in the near future, when humanity has killed off all the fish in the sea, we'll be able to replace every single on of them using the research of University of Washington UW assistant professor Kristi Morgansen. That's because Morgansen, with her 10,000-gallon UW test tank, has almost perfected an autonomous… »6/08/08 6:30pm6/08/08 6:30pm