Verizon Unlimited Data Not Quite Dead, But There's No Point In Keeping…

Verizon dropped the bad, bullshit news yesterday: It's killing all grandfathered unlimited data plans next year. Thanks to a statement from Verizon to the NY Times, we know exactly how it plans to do so. The answer? You can keep the plans, but it makes absolutely no financial sense to do so. » 5/17/12 5:48pm 5/17/12 5:48pm

Verizon to Kill Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans. This Is Bullshit.

Unlimited data on Verizon is dead. The death rattle just wheezed out during Verizon Communications CFO Fran Shammo's dream-killing presentation at the JP Morgan Technology, Media and Telecom conference. Everyone with a grandfathered unlimited data plan will be forced to switch to a tiered plan when they upgrade to LTE. … » 5/16/12 3:56pm 5/16/12 3:56pm

Another One Bites the Dust: Virgin Mobile Will Soon Throttle Unlimited …

It seems like all the carriers have banded together to kill the angel known as unlimited data. Even little 'ol Virgin Mobile has joined the murder party, informing their customers that as of March 23rd, Virgin Mobile will throttle users who pass the 2.5GB data threshold. That supposedly effects 3% of their customers.… » 1/19/12 9:25am 1/19/12 9:25am

Unlimited Data Is Really Dead Now, Like for Real (Update: But Not…

AT&T killed it first. Then T-Mobile. Then Verizon. Now Sprint's quietly stabbed unlimited data in the back, without warning, pomp or circumstance. Update: Haha jokes! Hesse was misquoted by Dow Jones according to TechCrunch. Seems he meant while roaming! » 1/05/12 7:01pm 1/05/12 7:01pm

Sprint's Capping Tethered Data on October 2nd (Updated)

Sprint's about to make its first step to distance itself from unlimited data. Starting October 2nd, mobile hotspot customers will have a 5GB cap, with a 5 cent per MB charge after that. » 9/22/11 8:09am 9/22/11 8:09am