AT&T to Offer Free Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Calling to Any Carrier

Tomorrow, AT&T will offer free mobile to any mobile calling with an unlimited texting plan. That means any call you make to T-Mobile, Sprint, and all your friends who will ditch AT&T for Verizon should be free. Specific details will come out tomorrow (which coincidentally is Verizon iPhone Day). [AT&T via BGR] »2/09/11 12:37pm2/09/11 12:37pm


Peek Handheld Can Now View Images, Text Unlimitedly

The Peek handheld, recently named the Time's best gadget of 2008 »11/18/08 11:15pm11/18/08 11:15pm, has now gotten even better with two added features. While we knew was already coming to the device, it's a pleasant surprise to find out it can now view images too. Peek will show .JPG, .GIF, .PNG and .BMP file formats when you click the “View Image”…