Jelly Bean Checks You’re Actually Alive Before Unlocking Your Phone

Google's clever little Face Unlock security feature, which lets you use your phone's camera to pull your Android mobile out of standby mode by having it recognise its master, has been updated, with the Jelly Bean version of the tool allowing users to blink at it to prove they're not a photograph. » 7/02/12 6:59am 7/02/12 6:59am

How to Unlock the iPhone 4S Right Now

Hacker Loktar_Sun has discovered how to easily unlock your iPhone 4S—and any other iPhone. The unlock will free you from your carrier's tyranny, which is great news, especially while traveling or switching companies. We have tested it and it works. » 4/22/12 6:00pm 4/22/12 6:00pm

Jailbreakers: Hold Off on iPhone OS 3.1 Until Dev-Team Updates

Sure, Apple's iPhone OS 3.1 includes a couple of new goodies like iTunes-based App management, but if you like your Jailbroken or Unlocked iPhone, sit tight until Dev-Team gives the all clear. You could otherwise lose your unlock for good. » 9/10/09 12:20am 9/10/09 12:20am