The Best Cheap Smartphone For Every Off-Contract Need

When it comes to smartphones, there was a time when cheap really meant shitty. That's no longer true. But which cheap phones are most worth buying? I found two. » 2/03/15 2:33pm 2/03/15 2:33pm

Moto G 2014 Hands-On: Bigger Bang For the Same Buck

Guess what Motorola's top-selling phone of all time is? Nope, it's not the Razr, it's last year's Moto G. For 180 bucks off-contract and unlocked, it was a hell of a lot of phone. Well, the 2014 model is here, and it's bigger and better, and it costs just the same. » 9/05/14 2:00am 9/05/14 2:00am

These Are the Prices for the Unlocked iPhone 5

If you're feenin' for some action on an unlocked iPhone 5, Apple has announced the prices for them: It'll be $649 for 16GB, $749 for 32GB and $849 for 64GB. That's the same unlocked price as the unlocked iPhone 4S when it released last year. » 9/13/12 8:35pm 9/13/12 8:35pm

These Are the Prices For the Unlocked iPhone 4S

In case you haven't noticed yet, Apple is now offering the unlocked iPhone 4S. They will only work on HSPA networks, no Sprint and Verizon's CDMA. But you can take it around the world and use a pre-paid microSIM card. » 10/07/11 9:58am 10/07/11 9:58am

HTC to Let You Unlock and Run Wild with Your Phone Next Month

HTC's promise to release unlocked bootloaders (for easy installation of custom software) is going to be delivered upon in August. The company says the first wave will hit the Sensation, with the Sensation 4G and Evo 3D up next. [Engadget] » 7/11/11 8:19am 7/11/11 8:19am

Apple Is Now Selling Unlocked iPhone 4 Handsets From $650

Can you believe that an iRumor has come true, for once—and early? Apple's started selling unlocked iPhone 4 phones in the US, with the 16GB model (in both black and white) costing $650, and the 32GB models coming in at $750. » 6/14/11 4:20am 6/14/11 4:20am

Surprise! iPad 2 Jailbroken

Actually, scratch that. Surprising no one, the iPad 2 was jailbroken this weekend, and has thereby joined all the other jailbroken iOS devices ever put forth on this great green earth by Apple. » 3/13/11 9:59pm 3/13/11 9:59pm

Do You Prefer to Pay More For Your Cellphone Now Or Later?

Once upon a time, buying cellphones was easy. You'd go for the cheaper deal and leave it at that. But what about when you're faced with the choice of paying more now or more over time? Which do you chose? » 2/25/10 10:00pm 2/25/10 10:00pm

$800 Gets You a Never-Locked Overseas iPhone From seems to be buying iPhones from foreign countries where it hasn't been locked down to a specific carrier, then selling them in the US for $800. » 4/13/09 6:11pm 4/13/09 6:11pm

AT&T Confirms $600 No-Contract (But Locked) iPhones

AT&T just confirmed the rumor that they're going to be selling $600 and $700 iPhones (8GB and 16GB) that are contract-free starting next Thursday. » 3/19/09 7:25pm 3/19/09 7:25pm

Nokia E63 Unlocked 3G QWERTY Now Available in the US for $279

It took it's sweet time getting to the States, but Nokia's E63 QWERTY phone with its Blackberry-esque look is now available in the US for $279. That's not a bad deal considering that it is an unlocked phone that was originally on pre-order for $500. [Nokia] » 1/08/09 1:38pm 1/08/09 1:38pm

Nokia E63 Available for Pre-Order for $500

Amazon is now listing Nokia's BlackBerry-ish QWERTY E63 phone as available for pre-order. The unlocked 3G phone can be reserved for $500, though there's no word on release date. » 12/20/08 10:30am 12/20/08 10:30am

SIM- and Hardware-Unlocked G1 Available to Developers (or You) for $400

The Android Dev Phone 1, a totally unlocked G1, is available to "developers" for only $399 after paying a small setup fee. Just register as a developer over at the Android Market and the phone is yours. » 12/06/08 9:00am 12/06/08 9:00am

Pharos Unveils Traveler 117 and 127 Unlocked WinMo GPS Smartphones

Rumors have been floating around for a few weeks now, but today Pharos » 11/12/08 9:00am 11/12/08 9:00am has officially unveiled two new additions to their Windows Mobile GPS smartphone lineup—the Traveller 117 and 127. Generally, another GPS-enabled phone is nothing to get all that excited about, but tri-band 7.2Mbps HSDPA, 2-megapixel cam / front…

Officially Unlocked iPhones On Sale at Hong Kong Apple Store

Check out the Hong Kong Apple store online and you'll see a couple of lines of text that'll tempt, tease and beguile you if you're dreaming of an unlocked iPhone 3G: "iPhone 3G purchased at the Apple Online Store can be activated with any wireless carrier. Simply insert the SIM from your current phone into iPhone 3G… » 9/26/08 4:47am 9/26/08 4:47am

How I Sold My iPhone in 24 Hours For More Than I Paid

With the possible announcement of the 3G iPhone only a week away, many current iPhone owners are itching to upgrade, which takes money. Other people, finally bitten by the iPhone bug, are eager to buy one, only they are harder to find in stores. This creates a nice, natural supply-and-demand formula that we managed to… » 6/03/08 10:00am 6/03/08 10:00am

All Those Unlocked iPhones May Be Costing Apple $300 Million

Both Fortune and Marketwatch are saying that all the unlocked iPhones, which make up about a third of the total phones sold, may be costing Apple $300 million in future revenue kickbacks from cellphone providers. And if Apple doesn't stop the unlocking madness, what's the incentive for a provider to pony up that… » 1/28/08 5:00pm 1/28/08 5:00pm

Confirmed: Bricked iPhones Rise From the Grave With Firmware 1.1.3

Click to view For all those unlocked iPhones out there that were bricked after attempting firmware upgrades, we have some great news. It appears that Apple's new 1.1.3 iPhone firmware rewrites either most or all of the phone's firmware, allowing for bricked iPhones to be brought back to life. If this sounds too good… » 1/17/08 5:28pm 1/17/08 5:28pm

iPod Video Unlocked: RealPlayer Now Available

After a five month beta, iPod owners can finally look outside of iTunes for their video content thanks to RealPlayer. As part of the RealPlayer Plus package, it is now possible to transfer downloaded video content to the Apple iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod Video. Naturally, that opens up a world choc-full of… » 11/15/07 8:30pm 11/15/07 8:30pm

iPhone: 1.1.2 Firmware Unlocked?

The iPhone elite development claims that they have managed to jailbreak the iPhone 1.1.2 firmware. Keep in mind that this hack is completely unproven at this point, so you may want to wait for some other poor bastards to screw up before you try it. [Elite Download via Tuaw] » 11/09/07 6:55pm 11/09/07 6:55pm