This Spherical Rescue Drone Is Straight Out of Star Wars

Flying drones inside burning buildings while looking for disaster survivors is incredibly hard, but it's also one of the most promising applications of the machines. That's why the Gimball search and rescue drone, billed as the world's first collision-proof drone, was just awarded $1 million in the United Arab… »2/09/15 1:25pm2/09/15 1:25pm


The Show That Warned Us Enemy of the State Was a Documentary

"PFFFFTTTTTT! WE ALREADY KNEW THAT!" was a common response from some people when last summer's Snowden leaks revealed that the NSA was monitoring American communications. And in some ways, they were right. We already knew a lot thanks to PBS documentaries. So what PBS documentary will we point to when we learn that… »8/18/14 8:00pm8/18/14 8:00pm

This 1924 Illustration Nails the Real Future of Drone Warfare

It's no secret that military drones predate the 21st century. But it's still amazing to see illustrations of unmanned aerial vehicles that are nearly a century old. Like this drone command center from 1924, with pilots sitting 500 miles away from the battlefield. It's an image that's strikingly similar to the drone… »2/27/14 3:23pm2/27/14 3:23pm

Marilyn Monroe Assembled Drones During World War II

It seems every six months or so these photos of Marilyn Monroe from World War II make the rounds on the good ol' internet machine. At the time they were captured in 1944 she hadn't yet taken the name Marilyn Monroe, nor had she dyed her curly locks blonde. She was simply known as Norma Jeane Dougherty and worked in a… »7/26/13 11:54am7/26/13 11:54am

Unmanned Helicopter Flies Low, Dodges Obstacles With 3D Laser Camera

Click to view »11/10/08 8:45am11/10/08 8:45amEngineers at Carnegie Mellon University have paired a 3D laser camera system, capable of mapping out terrain and obstacles in real time, with an unmanned Yamaha helicopter, creating an autonomous, incredibly low-flying UAV. Once loaded with preexisting topographical data, the sighted UAV is able to hug…

Armchair UAV Pilots Striking Afghanistan in Las Vegas, Taco Bell Fueled Comfort

We all know about how the military is utilizing UAV's in an ever increasing amount of missions. And why not? Unmanned aircraft represent a safer and more cost efficient approach to aerial combat. However, we rarely get to see what it is like on the other side of these aircraft-to see the job through the eyes of a UAV… »7/09/08 6:40pm7/09/08 6:40pm

Curly-Winged UAV Will Leech From Power Lines, Fly Forever

The next version of the DevilRay unmanned aerial vehicle will feature the ability to dock to and recharge from power lines. Made by Defense Research Associates, the UAV uses down-curled wingtips to make such a low-speed maneuver possible. The four-foot wide, propeller-driven flying wing will use "inverse capped helix… »7/07/08 9:20pm7/07/08 9:20pm

Plasma Thruster Powered, Cigarette Sized, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Take to the Skies

Cigarette-sized unmanned aircraft, utilizing plasma thrusters for power, may sound like something out of the pits of science fiction's B-rate movie bin to us, but we aren't DARPA. That's right the guys at DARPA are actually working with boffins at Oklahoma State University to make the vision a reality.
»1/19/08 10:00pm1/19/08 10:00pm