How to Download iOS 8 Without Deleting All Your Stuff

Now that iOS 8 is finally here, many an iPhone user has eagerly swiped over to the update screen only to find that the greedy install package just won't fit. But don't worry—you don't have to go on a deleting rampage. All it takes is a few simple workarounds, and you can have your iOS 8 and keep your data, too. » 9/17/14 4:46pm 9/17/14 4:46pm

How to Get iOS 7's Best Features in iOS 6 (and Keep Your Jailbreak)

iOS 7 is coming to your iPhone and iPad next Wednesday, but a lot of its best features are available through third-party apps and jailbreak hacks right now. If you want to get in on the action without losing your jailbreak, here a few ways to add some of the new functionality. » 6/11/13 8:18am 6/11/13 8:18am

Kindle Fire Auto-Update Scorches Roots and Potentially Shutters Android…

Amazon rolled out its newest software update for the Kindle Fire—version 6.2—last night. Initial reports indicate that it both de-roots your jailbroken device and removes access to the Android Marketplace. But don't worry—the borking is reversible. Here's how. » 11/30/11 3:34am 11/30/11 3:34am

The iPad2 Might Be Getting Thinner, Lasting Longer Come Spring

According to a report by Digitimes, Apple could be planning an update to the iPad2 platform and unveiling a thinner iteration with better battery life in March 2012. Unfortunately, that would also suggest that the iPad3 won't be launched until at least the third quarter of 2012 and more likely in 2013. [9to5 Mac] » 11/03/11 3:40am 11/03/11 3:40am