New Gadgets Are Fun But Why Not Love the One You're With?

As a tech reporter a lot of gadgets pass through my hands, but I’m a lousy early adopter in my personal life. I think the reason is readily understandable: it’s money. I don’t like to spend a lot on gadgets when I can make smart decisions and then just enjoy what I’ve bought. And by using this approach I get an added… » 9/29/13 5:20pm 9/29/13 5:20pm

Verizon Wants to Let You Upgrade Your Phone More Often Too

Droid Life got their hands on internal Verizon slides that reveal that Verizon has plans to let its customers upgrade their phones more often. Yeah, kind of like T-Mobile's Jump plan. The 'VZ Edge' plan will supposedly let Big Red customers upgrade to a new phone once they have paid off 50% of their phone. Upgrade… » 7/15/13 9:35pm 7/15/13 9:35pm

Sprint Changes Upgrade Policy Before Maybe (Probably) Getting the…

Not all of Sprint's machinations ahead of likely offering the iPhone this October are bad. A few weeks after nearly doubling its early termination fee, Sprint is dropping the qualifying time for its upgrade plan from 22 months to 20, starting October 2nd. » 9/15/11 11:31am 9/15/11 11:31am

Will Mac Pros Join MacBook Airs in This Week's Rumored Spec Bump Party?

Rumors of a MacBook Air update this week have reached such a froth that it'd be more of a surprise if they didn't show up. More unexpected? Speculation from 9to5Mac that a Mac Pro bump is in the hopper too. » 7/11/11 4:23pm 7/11/11 4:23pm