Toshiba Advances Bullet-Time to Next Level In Ad Filmed By 200 Camcorders

Toshiba »11/11/08 11:45am11/11/08 11:45am's new "timesculpture" advert takes Bullet Time film technique one bizarrely cool step forward by animating within the freeze-frame. It was filmed with 200 Gigashot camcorders arranged on a special rig, recording a mahoosive 20 terabytes of data from which the ad was composed. Check it out—it's like a weird…

Philips Cinema One Squeezes Home Theater System into Tiny Round Box

As mentioned in the liveblog »8/28/08 9:59am8/28/08 9:59am, Philips has stumped up a new home theater system that's as small, and almost as round as, a soccer ball—for those of us bored of boring, standard rectangular entertainment gadgets. Though it's tiny, it fits in an iPod dock, a five-channel amp, six speakers and a subwoofer built into the…

Toshiba's Regza ZF HDTVs Do Their Own Cell-Processor Upscaling

Toshiba's new Regza ZF HDTVs don't upscale your DVDs to HD resolution with any old chipset or engine: they do it with a Cell-processor based system. Bonkers! It's the first TV to upscale with a Cell, and according to »8/28/08 7:46am8/28/08 7:46am its European executive vice president, Toshiba's future "does not involve Blu-ray disc" but will use…

$4300 Kaleidescape 1080p DVD Streamer Reviewed (Still Not Real HD)

Sound & Vision gave a gushing review to the Kaleidescape 1080p player, a DVD upscaler that streams movies from a home server for the price of a nice used car. They especially liked the Gennum VXP video processor chip, which upscales DVD content to vividly sharp 1080p detail, with very accurate colors and high… »6/18/08 10:41pm6/18/08 10:41pm

IOGEAR's Portable Media Player Upscales Video to 720P, Bears World's Most Generic Name

IOGEAR's portable media player, actually named Portable Media Player, may look as generic as its name on the outside, but actually has some good features on the inside (but no screen). There's the most unique one, the ability to upscale video files to 720P for display on an HDTV, but there's also XviD, DivX, MPEG1/2,… »4/08/08 3:00pm4/08/08 3:00pm

Lightning Review: Oppo DV-983H 1080p Up-Converting DVD Player

The Gadget: Oppo's follow-up to the fantastic DV-981HD up-converting DVD player with 1080p and Anchor Bay's VRS video tech (AutoCue, Precision Video Scaling, Progressive Cadence Detection and Precision Deinterlacing) and 7.1 audio with Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro-Logic… »3/11/08 11:00am3/11/08 11:00am

Ten Things You Should Know Before You Buy an Upscaling DVD Player

Click to viewTen Things You Should Know is a new feature series here at Gizmodo aimed at first-time buyers or people who don't have (or need) extensive knowledge on a product before making a purchase. To blast things off, we're starting it up today with Ten Things You Should Know Before You Buy an Upscaling DVD Player. »5/07/07 4:00pm5/07/07 4:00pm

Ziova CS505 Upscaling DivX/DVD Network Streamer Hands-on: Our Favorite Player Yet

We've been known to download DivX files using BitTorrent on occasion, and there's nothing better than using an upscaling DVD player like the Helios H4000, the LG DN191H or the Oppo DV-981HD to watch these shows and movies on our TVs in high def. But the Ziova CS505, much like the Helios X3000, can stream the files… »4/27/07 4:00pm4/27/07 4:00pm

Oppo DV-981HD Upconverting DVD Player Reviewed (Verdict: 1080p Alchemy)

I just reviewed the Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD Player, and like its brandmate the Oppo DV-970, the player does a great job of up-rezzing regular old garden-variety DVDs to high definition. This one takes it a step further, though, up-rezzing that unwashed standard-def signal all the way to the holy-grail 1080p… »12/26/06 12:02pm12/26/06 12:02pm

Oppo Unleashes Best DVD Upscaling Player Yet: DV-981HD Does 1080p

Even though you've probably never heard of the company, Oppo uses the the best upscaling tech in the biz—by Faroudja. Now Oppo jumps onto the 1080p bandwagon armed with its latest BFG: the $229 DV-981HD player that upscales garden-variety DVDs from the usual 480p up to 1080p resolution. It has an HDMI output, but gone… »12/07/06 12:44pm12/07/06 12:44pm