Trippy drone video wrecks brains by flipping the world upside down

I don't know why this is so unsettling. The eerie music and the fact that the drone is taking footage from abandoned places doesn't help but it's also mostly because the world is literally flipped upside down and my normally aligned brain can't begin to process that without melting a little bit. »2/06/15 12:41am2/06/15 12:41am

This upside down house is actually right side up

Your eyes aren't deceiving you, this house was actually built upside down. The roof is on the floor, the Mini Cooper is parked in the sky and every fixture in the house is flipped around. But when the house is upside down it's actually right side up, if that makes any sense, because the interior is flipped too. »1/16/14 10:30pm1/16/14 10:30pm

Dr. Awkward Sings Backwards, Proves Rats Live On No Evil Star

You'll get a kick out of this guy's backwards singing, and he actually has a pretty good voice. Halfway through, the video is reversed, and you'll discover what song he's actually crooning. See if you can guess what the song is before the halfway point. We didn't get it until he was nearly finished with his… »12/27/07 9:07am12/27/07 9:07am