Pandora Hits Sprint Phones and Sonos Remotes

Right at this moment, a bunch of music fans are sitting in rows at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's Wattis Theater, eagerly awaiting the fate of Pandora, the cult-hit semi-customizable Internet radio service. What are they about to hear? That Pandora is teaming up with Sprint and Sonos to get into mobile and… » 5/23/07 12:00am 5/23/07 12:00am

Sprint Joins Us in the Real World: Over-the-Air Tracks 99 Cents in April

Piggybacking on the UpStage phone we've oohed and ahhed over for the last couple of days (and months), Sprint is lowering the price of OTA music downloads from their 1.5 million track library to 99 cents. Thank. Christ. OTA music prices have been obscene for far too long. » 3/28/07 8:30pm 3/28/07 8:30pm

Power Vision Music ($20 a month): Seems…

Sprint's Samsung Upstage is Two-Face Without the Horrible Disfigurement

Just as we told you last night, the Samsung Ultra Music phone has been rebranded the "Upstage" and is taking its dual-sided music/calling to Sprint. The phone itself (see our grope and gallery of it from CES) has two faces, one with music controls and a larger screen and the back (front?) with a dialpad and a smaller… » 3/26/07 5:04pm 3/26/07 5:04pm