Not Enough Uranium In the Moon

Bad news for colonists and lunar nazis: Contrary to previous reports, there's not enough uranium in the Moon to guarantee nuclear power or commercial exploitation. That's what cosmochemist Robert Reedy, part of the Japanese Kaguya spacecraft science team, says: » 6/23/10 11:20am 6/23/10 11:20am

Artist's Uranium-Glass Kits Let You Play God, Create New Universes

The "many worlds interpretation", parallel universes, the Trousers of Time: call it what you will, but quantum theory has some surprising ideas about what happens after a quantum event, which artist Jonathan Keats is exploring in this new "toy". It's a ball of uranium-doped glass (no, really—it's uranium!) next to a… » 11/25/08 11:30am 11/25/08 11:30am