Glasgow Will Demolish Its Tallest Buildings Live On International TV

When the Commonwealth Games come to Glasgow this July, the city wants to put its best foot forward. The city thus has plans to blow up the Red Road flats, an infamous and now largely abandoned housing project, as part of its opening ceremony. A growing backlash, however, asks whether dynamiting the Red Road flats… » 4/07/14 3:00pm 4/07/14 3:00pm

These Compost Islands Would Turn NYC's Garbage Into Gold

The average New Yorker generates about three pounds of trash every day, and a huge amount of that is food waste—which could be composted, if only we had the space. Enter "Green Loop," a proposal to build massive composting islands off the coastline of NYC. » 3/03/14 3:40pm 3/03/14 3:40pm

How Living Infrastructure Will Save Our Cities from Nature's Wrath

Super-typhoon Haiyan, the single most powerful storm ever recorded, is an unsettling harbinger of troubles to come. Weather systems across the globe have gained terrifying intensity and destructive force over the past few years thanks to our rapidly warming planet. New defenses are needed to protect our metropolitan… » 11/19/13 5:20pm 11/19/13 5:20pm

Most Beautiful Items: August 17 - 23, 2013

You're in the homestretch. The weekend, my friends, is at hand. But before you disembark, check out some of our favorite finds from the worlds of art, architecture, and design over the past week. It's plenty to tide you over before you hit happy hour. » 8/23/13 8:00pm 8/23/13 8:00pm

How Nextdoor and NYC Will Pioneer Socially Networked Crime Fighting

Can you imagine what it would be like to report crimes via Facebook or call for a fire truck through Twitter? It would be pretty convenient, right? None of that scary "Call 911!" business. No ambling down to the precinct to fill out paperwork. No need to leave your living room at all, actually. It would be equivalent to » 6/14/13 10:06am 6/14/13 10:06am

Cities Are the Future of Human Evolution

Humans began to live in urban settlements about 7 thousand years ago. As humans continued to evolve over the millennia, so too did our cities. Now, our cities are about to change again — and they're going to look more like ancient Machu Picchu than the gleaming towers of glass and steel we have today. » 5/07/13 7:49pm 5/07/13 7:49pm