First Impression of Inowell's UREN V1 UMPC

We were pretty impressed the first time we saw Innowell's in-car UMPC (unfortunately named the UREN), but after getting a bit of hands-on time with it last week, the infatuation is slowly waning. First of all, it's nowhere near as sexy as OQO's Model 02, despite it having a larger 7-inch touch screen. Also, the UREN… » 1/15/07 11:53am 1/15/07 11:53am

Unboxing the Uren V1 No Buttons Ultramobile PC

You'll stop laughing at the unfortunate name of this device about a minute into this video of PMPINSIDE's Uren V1 being unboxed. The slim in-car PC/UMPC hybrid packs all of the features we wrote about before: 1GHz processor, 30GB hard drive, Windows XP, GPS, FM transmitter, 3-megapixel camera, DMB TV tuner, two USB… » 12/28/06 12:04pm 12/28/06 12:04pm

PMPINSIDE UREN Car-Based Multimedia PC

Installing a full-fledged multimedia PC inside a car is still a bit of a challenge, but the urge to be surrounded by music that you thought was cool in high school dictates that companies will keep trying until they get it right. Enter the UREN V1 from PMPINSIDE, an ultra mobile PC that's designed for cars. Sitting… » 9/11/06 10:12am 9/11/06 10:12am