RealNetworks and MTV Form Rhapsody America Music Service With Verizon…

Real and MTV are putting together a Voltron-like online retailer called Rhapsody America in order to better combat Apple's iTunes Music Store. The V Cast Music over-the-air service from Verizon Wireless will form the 3G-powered mobile-distribution arm. Though no pricing or timing details were announced,… » 8/21/07 11:32am 8/21/07 11:32am

Sonos Now Supports Zune, Napster, Yahoo!, AOL, and MTV

Sonos is spending like Web 2.0 Bubble money is going out of style, and announcing they've bought support for almost all the major internet music stores. Along with Zune, there's Napster, Yahoo, AOL and MTV support, which makes streaming pretty simple. » 1/08/07 6:00pm 1/08/07 6:00pm

MTV Launches URGE Music Store, May Stand a Chance

MTV and Microsoft will be releasing the URGE music and video downloading service Wednesday. URGE will have more than 2 million songs for download at $.99 each or $9.95 for entire albums. There will also be an unlimited download plan for $9.95 or $14.95. » 5/15/06 12:16pm 5/15/06 12:16pm

Nissan To Give Gift of Game

Nissan could be bringing you Xbox-ers a dream come true. It's a sports coupe called the Urge. This concept car has six-speed manual, rear-wheel drive, driver-integrated cockpit and a built-in Xbox gaming system. I guess the driver can drive while the passenger plays PGR? Look for this jewel at the North American… » 12/19/05 11:18am 12/19/05 11:18am

Bill Gates Gets His MTV

Not much information out now, but looks like Bill Gates has reached an agreement with MTV Networks to go up against iTunes with a joint digital music service. Very succinctly called Urge, the service will be out sometime next year and will be integrated into a version of Microsoft's Windows Media Player. Urge is said… » 12/14/05 4:34pm 12/14/05 4:34pm