George W. Bush Urinal Pees Tribute to the Last 8 Years

No matter who you are pulling for in this election, the popularity polls indicate that the vast majority of Americans are ready to see Bush pack up his things and get the hell out of the White House. While there is tons of anti-Bush paraphernalia out there, few things capture our disdain as well as "George W. Flush"—a… » 10/30/08 11:30am 10/30/08 11:30am

Peeandgo, The Lady Urinal with a Splash of Gold

You may be forgiven for thinking it's toilet week here on Giz, but how could we not show you this? The Peeandgo, designed by Chen-Karlsson takes its inspiration from traditional squat urinals in Asia and the Middle East, and I'm guessing its *ahem* provocative shape is designed to stop splashback. There's no info on… » 5/30/08 7:59am 5/30/08 7:59am

Crazy Singing Clown Urinal Makes Us Go HAHAHAARRGHHSTOPDOINGTHAT!

This Japanese mechanical urinal in Osaka is an all-laughing, all-singing clown with a huge mouth. Yes, you read that well: it sings and moves up and down as you pee in it. And it has teeth. I know. After seeing it in action, I found it so wrong on so many levels that I had to put the video after the jump for other… » 3/05/08 6:56am 3/05/08 6:56am

Folding Installable Home Urinal Provides Class

Nothing says luxury housing like a folding home urinal, which is just what you can get when you pick up one of these from Mister Miser. Not only is it great for people who hate wiping their pee off the toilet seat, it's great for conservationists as well—it only takes 10 ounces per flush. Ten! Plus, it's so space… » 10/03/07 5:20pm 10/03/07 5:20pm

Panasonic DL-GWN Toilet Seat Lights Your Pee-Path

Panasonic makes a foray into the useless toilet seat business, trying to sell this Panasonic DL-GWN device that lights up a bull's-eye in the water at which to aim your stream. Its light has a dual function, also warming the toilet seat, which we can tell you from personal experience is a highly desirable feature,… » 9/22/06 10:37am 9/22/06 10:37am