This Titanium Watch Can Tell You When It's Losing Accuracy

To watch collectors and aficionados, mechanical movements are particularly desirable since they best represent the fine craftsmanship and precise engineering that has gone into watch and clock making for centuries. But ironically, even with today's technology, mechanical movements don't keep perfect time. They gain… »8/28/13 1:20pm8/28/13 1:20pm


UR-202 Wristwatch Features Winding System Regulated By Compressed Air

The UR-103 watches from Urwerk were interesting, but their new 202 Hammerhead Automatic goes a few steps further with a unique winding system regulated by compressed air. Instead of a traditional rotating vane, the 202 uses miniature twin turbines to control the rate of automatic winding. Plus, the level of air… »4/14/08 9:20pm4/14/08 9:20pm