What The Most Popular Web Browser Is in Each Country in the World

The green is Chrome. The blue is Internet Explorer. The orange-ish color is Firefox. If you can see any red or grey that would be Opera and Safari, respectively. And though I personally believe all browsers have become horrible in their own ways, having Chrome at the top of most country's usage list according to… »7/01/13 10:00pm7/01/13 10:00pm


T-Mobile Restricting 3G Data Usage to 1GB a Month Without Penalty

If you examine the fine print on T-Mo's G1 »9/23/08 4:22pm9/23/08 4:22pm launch page, you will find an interesting bit of information with regard to 3G usage. Apparently, they will be soft-capping data to a slim 1GB a month max in each billing cycle. If you exceed the maximum, the powers that be will strike you down to an anorexic 50 kbps or less…