Thanko Should Really Be Locked Away for Inhumane Treatment of Models

You can just imagine the photographer urging on this poor Japanese man, who's modelling the season's latest USB-accessories. "More rawr, I said! We want realism, not shame! You're meant to be breathing easier with that mask on!" [Thanko via SlashGear] » 2/03/11 1:40pm 2/03/11 1:40pm


Resident technobiologist/Biblical scholar/intern Kyle dubbed this display "the Noah's Ark of humping USB toys," to which I can only say, "indeed." Spotted, it is multiply safe to assume, somewhere in Tokyo. [Tokyo Mango] » 1/15/10 10:27am 1/15/10 10:27am

Superbooster Extender Makes Any USB Accessory Wireless, Expensively

Are your USB peripherals too embarrassing to hang directly from your laptop? Your secret USB spy cameras too creepily hidden to run a wire too? The TruLink Superbooster Extender adds wireless connectivity to anything with a USB plug. » 10/12/09 10:57am 10/12/09 10:57am

Someday, Somehow, I Will Learn How To Plug In This USB Ninja Star Just…

Because unless you can do that, the Solidalliance Ninja 2G Shuriken flash drive is just a tacky, difficult to carry, 2GB poking hazard. It's available now for just over $100, plus shipping from Japan. [Akihabara] » 5/28/09 6:25am 5/28/09 6:25am

Brando Rota-Rota Hub Addresses Your USB, Thermometric Needs

The latest creation from the industry leader in extremely unlikely gadgets, Brando's Rota-Rota USB hub combines three swiveling USB ports, readers for most flash memory formats (sorry, CF) and, uhh, two thermometers? » 3/23/09 6:45am 3/23/09 6:45am

Humping Bunny is a Daintier Way to Defile Your Computer

Humping dogs » 10/17/08 2:00am 10/17/08 2:00am are great and all, but sometimes we'd prefer to have something do the nasty with our USB ports. Why not go for the animal that everyone associates with overbreeding anyway? Imported from Japan (no surprise there), each satisfied-looking rabbit comes with adorably humping motions and 1GB of memory. You…