Apple Shamed Into Shipping Tiny iPhone Power Adapter in Non-Gargantuan Envelopes

A couple weeks ago, Apple made its grand entrance into our Shipping Hall of Sham »11/08/08 5:00pm11/08/08 5:00pme by sending out its new, for the iPhone 3G , despite their huge emphasis lately on going green. All those boxes really add up too, since Apple . that they're now shipping them in much tinier, more efficient padded envelopes. It seems…

HDD USB Dock Gets USB Hub Integrated, Still Plugs in Like NES Cartridges

The USB HDD Dock we saw a few months ago just got a USB hub upgrade. Not only does it still take 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SATA drives in the top like a Famicom cartridge, there's an added 4-port USB hub on the front. Because if you're going to take up one of your machine's precious USB ports for something, it's even… »3/28/08 12:30pm3/28/08 12:30pm