Brando Clock Thermometer Has More USB Than We Know What to Do With

I sometimes wonder if the people at Brando have a competition going to see how many USB ports they could possibly put into one gadget. This alarm clock hub comes with seven, as well as a calendar and thermometer. With seven hubs (and knowledge of your room's exact temperature), you could charge your iPod, warm your… »11/26/08 5:15am11/26/08 5:15am

USB Gadget Display is Like Vista Sideshow, but Supports Windows XP

When is Vista Sideshow not Vista Sideshow? When it does the same thing as Sideshow—display little widgets on an external device—but doesn't use Vista's Gadgets. The USB Gadget Display does look like a little 2-inch LCD display, which shows clocks and various other things like CPU and RAM usage (but mostly clocks)… »3/19/08 8:00pm3/19/08 8:00pm