Harness a Cooking Pot's Energy and Charge Your Phone While Camping

Rather than a cooking pot that heats up by your computer over USB, it's actually a pot that uses energy that would've otherwise been wasted, to charge up any USB device. An alternative to the solar-powered charger, you could say. » 6/14/11 10:00am 6/14/11 10:00am

Worries of Godzilla Vanish with this Mini USB-Powered Zen Garden

This $25 mini USB-powered zen garden circulates water around its plastic bamboo shoots, creating relaxing sounds for a peaceful atmosphere in the workplace. That, or it'll make you want to pee. [Akihabara via CrunchGear] » 4/27/09 7:00pm 4/27/09 7:00pm

Progress On the March: Brando's SATA Hard Drive Dock Now Has Speakers

Onwards and upwards with Brando—is there any other way? Now in it's 162nd iteration, their handy SATA hard disk dock has speakers. Excelsior! » 4/06/09 11:40am 4/06/09 11:40am

USB Whac-a-Mole Brings Your Carnival Fantasies into Your Cubicle

Sure Whac-a-Butt may be a great conversation piece at your frat house, but some of us prefer the classic version. Luckily, that's out now too. USB Whac-a-Mole is $17, but only in Korea. [Hallyutech] » 2/06/09 12:15am 2/06/09 12:15am

USB Card Shaver Disguises Your USB Shaving Shame

This USB Card Shaver is the thinnest of its ilk that we've seen and, with a diameter of only 10mm, is perfect for the man-on-the-go trying to hide that he uses an USB shaver in the first place. » 12/03/08 1:45am 12/03/08 1:45am

Frank Goes Subservient Chicken and Plays With USB Gadgets

Instead of making a chicken dance around by typing in commands, this Frank's Cubicle website has you making Frank play with all his USB gear by clicking on links. It's interesting for a few minutes, especially when you see what he's been looking at with his Spyplane. Makes us wish we had a bunch of USB gadgets to play… » 8/15/07 6:20pm 8/15/07 6:20pm