A Heart-Shaped USB Hub Is Full of Love and Ports

Hearts are cheesy, sure, but they're also fun and adorable—especially this time of year. Buy into the silliness of Valentine's Day with these cute little USB hubs. » 1/31/13 5:00pm 1/31/13 5:00pm

Tiny Toaster USB Hub Is So Adorable You'll Want To Vomit

There's seemingly an infinite supply of novelty USB flash drives and hubs for consumers to waste their money on, but none come close to the gag-inducing adorableness of this tiny toaster hub and accompanying anthropomorphized slices of toast. » 8/07/12 9:40am 8/07/12 9:40am

Tiny Desktop Metropolis Gives You Four City Blocks of Extra USB Ports

Who says a USB hub has to have a minimal design or be highly portable? Not designer David Weeks, who created this hub for Kikkerland that's shaped like a miniature metropolis full of not-so-towering skyscrapers. » 8/01/12 12:40pm 8/01/12 12:40pm

USB Hub Station is the Monitor's Version of a Pocket Protector

Outfit your monitor like Poindexter, with this $60 monitor hub-station. Not only does it display your nerdlinger credentials proudly, but it also arranges your desk-crap into three holders and a document wallet. There's even a four-port USB-hub! [GeekStuff4U via RedFerret] » 12/21/10 8:40am 12/21/10 8:40am

16-Port USB Hub Has Classy Aluminum-Like Fascia

It's no 80-porter, but ThinkGeek's 16-port USB hub is definitely one of the classiest I've seen. At $160 though, you'd be paying a tenner a port. Are those extra USB slippers really worth it? [ThinkGeek via The Awesomer via CrunchGear] » 3/15/10 8:17am 3/15/10 8:17am

Don't Even Start Considering You Have A Need For This 80-Port USB Board

Let's pause for a moment and consider how many gadgets we insert into the couple USB ports on our computers each week. Around five? The mind boggles as to just what Thanko was thinking when they created the 80-port board. » 1/29/10 4:40am 1/29/10 4:40am

Marc Jacobs' USB Hub Has Love For You If You Were Born In The '80s, The…

For the more fashionable readers at Gizmodo (someone? Anyone? Bueller?) comes these Marc Jacobs USB hubs, disguised as ye olde mixtapes. MIXTAPES. You remember them, right? [The Malcolm via Hypebeast] » 1/15/10 7:20pm 1/15/10 7:20pm

USB Hub Gives 'Em the Clamps

For those who enjoy nothing more than a good clamping, this $14, 7-port USB hub clamps to your desk. (Shhh, technically it might actually "clip," but that desk won't ever pay up without fear of the clamps.) [Brando via CraziestGadgets] » 1/14/10 10:33am 1/14/10 10:33am

The Track Ball Mouse Numerical Keypad Hub Does Not Think Less Is More

The very literally named Track Ball Mouse Numerical Keypad Hub manages to Frankenstein an array of accessories into a trackball-style mouse. It also continues the long tradition of lefty-hating trackball mice. » 12/11/09 7:00pm 12/11/09 7:00pm

Just a Cheap iPhone/iPod Adapter USB Hub

If the Griffin Simplifi is too expensive for you, this $15 generic iPhone/iPod 3-port USB hub will allow you to sync an Apple product while accommodating up to three other devices that resent your favoritism. [USBFever] » 12/02/09 11:20am 12/02/09 11:20am

Retro Cassette Tape 4-Port USB Hub Reminds You How Old You Are

Identical in size to an actual cassette (it'll even fit inside a tape case), this USB 2.0 hub has four ports, and for $25, also comes with a 4-foot USB cable for your PC or Mac. [Vat19 via TecheBlog] » 8/11/09 4:20am 8/11/09 4:20am

R2-Q5 USB Hub for Those Who Think R2-D2 Is Too Mainstream

I've seen the original Star Wars movies. They're fun: Lots of stuff blows up and Harrison Ford is a total badass, but that's about as much as I care. So I'm definitely not the target market for this obscure gadget. » 7/16/09 11:45pm 7/16/09 11:45pm

Just a Stylish 'Wall Socket' USB Hub

It's not a formal wall socket replacement, but this Elecom U2H-TC410B 4-port USB hub will look sharp (and a bit misleading) when mounted to a desk or table. » 6/30/09 10:20am 6/30/09 10:20am

Solar Charging Hub: Harnessing The Power Of The Sun For Your USB Needs

This may not be the most attractive USB hub, but it's only $20 and it uses the power of the sun to charge your mobile phone and USB gadgetry. » 6/15/09 11:20am 6/15/09 11:20am

49-Port USB Hub Houses All Your Stupid USB Gimmicks

Just think of the possibilities. 49 beer-filled USB drives. 49 humping dogs. 49 tiny, disturbing, plastic strippers. And, for you lonely types, 49 robot vaginas. It's like Brando's wet dream come to life. » 5/29/09 1:30am 5/29/09 1:30am

Progress On the March: Brando's SATA Hard Drive Dock Now Has Speakers

Onwards and upwards with Brando—is there any other way? Now in it's 162nd iteration, their handy SATA hard disk dock has speakers. Excelsior! » 4/06/09 11:40am 4/06/09 11:40am

Twisted Soul Guts Super Famicom Cartridge to Create USB Hub

I'm all for mods, hacks and whatnot, but this SNES USB hub goes too far. Removing the innards from Mario Kart, just for a USB hub? Surely, Hong Kong 97 deserves such a fate, no? » 4/05/09 10:00am 4/05/09 10:00am

Somebody, Please Shoot This Poor USB Cow

Is this a USB cow, or yet another victim in the underground ring of S&M gadget slavery? If only we could speak cow to interpret the vocalized "moo" whenever a USB stick is inserted. [Gadget4All] » 3/05/09 2:20pm 3/05/09 2:20pm