KeyRight's Look & Learning Typing Solution = If Coloring Books and…

Left-pinky to red, right-pointer to sky blue: KeyRight's Look & Learn Typing Solution takes us back to old-school learning by assigning each of your fingers to a certain set of keys distinguished by color. This QWERTY keyboard comes with a typing tutor, which helps you become a touch typist through muscle memory,… » 10/27/08 9:47pm 10/27/08 9:47pm

Wii Firmware Update Adds Full USB Keyboard Support

Nintendo added partial USB keyboard support in the last Wii firmware update, but the latest 3.1 update brings full USB support. Now everyone can use a keyboard to type in those long-ass Wii friend codes that Nintendo so graciously had you enter for every game you want to play online. It's like they don't even want » 10/10/07 2:20pm 10/10/07 2:20pm