Friends, Kids, Geeks, A-Data's Mickey Mouse 2GB Drive Lends You His Ear

The worst thing about this official A-Data Mickey Mouse USB flash drive is that I can think of about five adults I know who'd love one. The modular design conceals the mini 2GB drive as one of Mickey's ears, the other ear being pierced for pendants or charms. The clear plastic centre even pops out so you can slide in… »2/27/08 9:56am2/27/08 9:56am

FriendsWithYou Mimobots Add Diabetes-Inducing Cuteness to Data

Apparently designed for tree-hugging hippies, Castro residents and ex-Hello Kitty addicts, the latest Mimobots are the same-old USB memory sticks dressed in new plastics. And yes, like the previous generations, these FriendsWithYou models are equally as cute, sugar-level-boostery and almost-irresistible. Almost. I… »1/30/08 6:00am1/30/08 6:00am