USB Microscope Digitally Magnifies at 200x, 1600x1200 Resolution

We've seen digital microscopes » 11/04/08 3:15pm 11/04/08 3:15pm before, but few can claim that they have a 1600x1200 sensor, 200x magnification and 2 GB of free online storage. This £50 device works improves upon last year's 640x480 Microscope Pen from the same company, and lets you take stills or AVI movies.. And the from the microscope don't look…

How to Make a Cheap USB Microscope From an Old Webcam

We swore off microscopes after getting one for our 10th birthday and seeing just how disgusting our skin was, but this cheap USB microscope seems to be kinda neat. Carlosb.tv shows you that you can make your own microscope by dismantling a cheap USB webcam, placing something really dirty on it, turning out the lights… » 12/17/07 3:40pm 12/17/07 3:40pm