Wiimote Mod Adds IR Targeting To USB Missile Launcher

Using the Wiimote's IR sensor elegantly duct taped in place, Instructables user toelle was able to mod everyone's favorite USB toy »8/12/08 8:40am8/12/08 8:40am to launch precision, infrared-guided attacks, just like the big boys (kind of). Using a custom script which looks for IR sources to aim at, you can lay down precision fire by, say, putting…

USB Missile Launcher Comes With Webcam For Optimal Accuracy

USB Missile Launchers have been around for years and years and years, but why did it take this long for someone to stick a webcam on it? Seriously, what could be better for aiming a foam dart at that punk Bob from accounting than being able to see where you're aiming in first person view? If I had one of these instead… »2/25/08 12:50pm2/25/08 12:50pm