Boynq's Iris Webcam Has a Touch of Anglepoise in its Design

*Squeak* Hello. I'm Pixar's famous Anglepoise lamp... yes, the one from the CGI film. *Squeak* I'm here to complain about this new Iris webcam from Boynq, which takes a few too many design cues from me and my fellow lamp kind. Look at it: it's unmistakable isn't it? As well as a VGA webcam, it's got a 5W RMS speaker … »8/05/08 10:40am8/05/08 10:40am


USB Aroma Radio and Speaker Has Three Words With No Business Being Together

Confounded and befuddled are two emotions that splashed across our face when we saw this USB Aroma Radio + Speaker. It's a USB speaker, which is fine in itself, but in this case it lights up in one of seven different colors. But not only is it USB, you can throw in some aromatic liquid and have it diffuse out scents… »1/29/08 12:33pm1/29/08 12:33pm