Gefen USB to DVI Adapter Can Handle Up to 6 Monitors

This is not the first time a USB to DVI adapter had come down the pipeline, but the new Gefen adapter can drive an impressive 6 additional displays at 1600X1200 resolution. It is not great for larger monitors by any means, but at only $129 it could be a relatively inexpensive solution. Gefen also notes that it "uses… » 3/19/08 6:35pm 3/19/08 6:35pm

USB to DVI Adapter Expands Screen Space Without Adding Video Cards

The idea of driving a DVI or VGA display with a USB adapter isn't new, but Sewell's latest adapter seems to be fairly cheap and useful. Their adapter costs $119 and has 128MB RAM on board, which is then powered by USB ports from your computer to drive a 1600x1200 resolution monitor at the same time as your standard… » 10/30/07 5:40pm 10/30/07 5:40pm