Vestax Guber CM-02 USB Turntable Really Something

Despite having crates and crates of vinyl, I am too lazy (and too strapped for space) to shell out for a USB turntable. Another reason is that most of them look like shite. But this one, the Vestax Guber CM-02, is gorgeous. Delishy-wishy. It totally poops on last week's non-usb, acrylic home-made versions (sorry Mike)… » 3/28/08 7:16am 3/28/08 7:16am

USB Turntable Disguised As Suitcase For No Other Reason Except That It…

At its core, the Crosley Keepsake is a pretty straightforward USB turntable, playing at speeds of 33/45/78 RPM and connecting to your computer via USB. But the fact that it's in a suitcase-esque shell is a bit different from the norm and would liven up any fortress of gadgets. It's currently selling online for… » 11/10/07 4:10pm 11/10/07 4:10pm

Ion USB Turntable Rips Vinyls Directly to iPods

Ion's USB turntable was cool before, allowing you to digitize all your analog vinyl LPs to MP3 format on your computer. But now, with the included iPod dock, you can directly shove the bits into your iPod via its gaping iPod dock hole. All you need is a 5G iPod or a 2G Nano (we're not sure whether it works with newer… » 10/30/07 1:56pm 10/30/07 1:56pm