USB Multi-Cleaner Keeps You Healthy And Tidy

We've seen our share of so-called air purifiers, and desktop vacuums, but when they combine into a maximum cleaning tool, and it's powered by USB, you get to see it here. It sits on your desk, quietly sucking up all the dust coming your way from your filthy co-workers. And to make sure you don't share yours with them,… » 7/14/08 8:00pm 7/14/08 8:00pm

USB Mini Vacuum Looks and Works Just Like the Big Boys

We've shown you tiny USB vacuums before, but none were as realistic as this mini-hoover, the $20 USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner. The 8-inch-tall minivac gets its power from a 45-inch USB cable, so you might even be able to pick up a few floor boogers and dust bunnies with it, too. [Whatever Works, via GeekAlerts] » 11/05/07 2:00pm 11/05/07 2:00pm