USBFever Reinvents iPhone 3G SIM-Eject Tool, Sells it for $3

When Apple reinvented the paperclip for the famous SIM-eject tool »8/04/08 11:15am8/04/08 11:15am, it was at least a gizmo, included in the package. USBFever clearly thought there was a gap in this market though, and have invented the reinvention. The new SIM-eject tool has a rubber-bung top that allows it to be stored in your iPhone 3G's headphone…


$16 USBFever Mouse Has Built-In Speaker and Microphone For...?

OK, at first it sounds nifty: USBFever is selling a wired mouse with a built-in mono speaker and a detachable wired microphone, ostensibly for the purposes of convenient VOIP calling. But after pondering the details of this admittedly affordable contraption for a few moments, the entire scheme seems to unravel. »1/28/08 11:41am1/28/08 11:41am