Toshiba 14-inch USB Mobile Monitor: More Screen, Less Space

Laptop screens are small. Desktop monitors aren't portable. Using the two together is a constant tug o' war between portability and screen size. Not with the Toshiba 14-inch Mobile Monitor though. It's a portable, USB-powered monitor. » 7/19/11 4:30pm 7/19/11 4:30pm

Buffalo's FTD-W71 7-inch USB Monitor Swivels For Better Buddy-Listing

It won't instantly give you Jason Chen's tactical blogging situation room, but Buffalo's 7-inch USB display does something nice: it swivels vertically, making it even better for a secondary IM display on your desk. » 1/28/09 10:40am 1/28/09 10:40am

4.3 Inch WVGA Monitor Can Run on USB Juice Alone

Connecting monitors to computers via USB isn't really that exciting » 10/14/08 6:56am 10/14/08 6:56am anymore, but this little dreamboat from Century Japan does something much more than that: it runs on bus power. In other words, this thing is powered just like your trusty flash drives, mice and . A tiny, portable, fully functional secondary monitor…