New Lithium Battery Triples Capacity and Charges Fully in Just Ten Minutes

The number one technological hurdle separating humanity from the Jetson Future we deserve is developing a reliable power supply. Even today, we're barely even able to keep out phones alive through the evening commute. But a radical departure in Lithium ion battery technology could help keep our power-hungry gadgets… »2/13/13 6:20pm2/13/13 6:20pm

Concrete-Jet Printer Gets Caterpillar Funding: Print-Out Houses on the Way

Check out this lengthy vid: it shows how one day you may just call-in giant robots to print out a new home based on a CAD model. Research into the concrete-jet printer is being carried out by USC, and their technology can already build up complex concrete structures using technology that's half-CNC machine and half… »9/05/08 11:15am9/05/08 11:15am